Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our Build A Bear Trip

Every year, for Christmas, my father gets gift certificates to Build A Bear for each of my kids. (this started last year and he has decided that he is going to continue it.) They love it! Last year they each got a stuffed animal and an outfit for it. Tyler and Sarah got white bears with pink highlights. Tyler's got an Angel outfit and Sarah's a Cheerleader shirt and shorts. Hope got a Koala Bear with a rock star outfit and Jayce got a chocolate bear and a Batman outfit. Clayton got a puppy and a Denver Bronco's outfit, complete with helmet.

This year they each knew where their animal was (that in itself is a HUGE accomplishment) and they brought them with us. As we walked through the door the animals each got passes telling everyone that they were already owned.

Jayce decided that his BatBear needed a new friend so he got another matching bear and dressed it in a Spiderman outfit. He was the only one that got a new animal.

Sarah spent the majority of her time giving her bear a bath, combing it's hair and fussing with it in general. She finally found a Sleeping Beauty dress for her RaRaBear, then she found some princess slippers and a pair of sunglasses. We got her bear all dressed, complete with new panties. After wandering around for a few minutes she found a bunch of roses for her bear to hold and had to put the sunglasses back.

Clayton got a darling little army uniform for his puppy with a black beret and he found some camoflauge boxer shorts to match.

Tyler found a pair of Hello Kitty jammies, a pink baby bear carrier, a sash and an inflatable chair for her bear and Hopie took forever deciding.

She decided immediately that she would get her Koala Bear a Hannah Montana shirt and jeans and purse (huge surprise there! NOT!!!), but then finding just the right accessories is what took the extra time. She finally found a Hannah Montana wig for her bear. It is so cute!

We paid for them and they each got some new bows for their bears and a wardrobe for their animals clothes. They we all very happy.

When we left we stopped by Ben and Jerry's for some icecream, visited the restroom and headed to Subway for some lunch. Then it was on to home for a nap. It had been a long, exciting day.

I think I like this new tradition that my father has started.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

"One Nation Under God" Ribbons

Okay, I saw these cool ribbons at a trade show a year or two ago and I had to have one. I proudly displayed it on my car as my voice for the "Pledge of Allegiance" and how it was written and what it stands for. I know this is a very controversial issue, however, I know without a doubt which side I stand on. But this magnet stayed on my car until it was faded and finally got lost going through the car wash. I was really upset when I lost my favorite magnet and really wanted to get me another one but I didn't want to have to buy 50 of them just so I could have one. So here is the deal, the company offers 4 different types of "ribbon" magnets as well as an American flag. If you would like one, leave me a comment with your contact information. They should be $3.00 each, that includes tax and shipping. Now I will charge only tax, shipping and the wholesale cost of these magnets. I do not intend to make money off this, my intent is A) get me a new magnet and B) make sure everyone that wants one can get one. I love these magnets and I have never seen another vehicle with the "One Nation Under God" Ribbon and I do not want to be the only one.

So, if you want any of the magnets I need you to leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and how many of which styles. When I have enough interest to purchase 50 of the style magnet you have requested, I will e-mail you with instructions for payment and to get a shipping address. Any questions please post a comment.

Again, I know getting into the "One Nation Under God" thing is a very controversial issue so please feel free to leave whatever comments you would like, remembering however that I have a sweet little delete button! Have a wonderful day!