Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Guns & Stuff

I am not much of a Gun Person, but my husband is really, really interested in getting a 9mm, for self protection. I would rather something that we could hunt with, as in times of trouble, that will put food on the table and deter possible dangers. However, he feels that a 9mm is the best option to start with. I am still on the fence.

But, I am playing the good wife and getting dragged along to gun stores to look at Glocks, Rugers, Colts and Smithfields, blackhawk holsters, hard-sided plastic cases and gun safes. I have test fired a 9mm Taurus, Glock and Ruger and found that I HATE shooting 9mm's. I just don't get the satisfaction out of shooting them that I do from shooting a 22. The 9mm's kick harder and for some reason, the brass likes to come right back at me.

So far, we have only purchased a nice gun safe, which is now installed in our basement. I am liking that it locks and keeps the kids out and I now have Mom's guns locked safely up inside of it. But as of yet, he has not settled on a hand gun. He still wants to test fire the Smithfield, I think. But before long, you can probably bet, that I will be the proud new owner of a gun that I hate. LOL