Thursday, September 04, 2008

Relaxing Times A'Coming!

I am so excited with this new job! Not only do I enjoy it, but it should finally give us enough money to build my quiet room off my bedroom, fix the deck and add the shed and garage that we have been talking about! The lady told me she would pay me $15 per hour, which is great! That is just what I need. It certainly makes adding an extra 24 hours of work to my already busy week, very, very worth it. Hopefully I can be as good for them, as they are for me!

Most of all, I am just excited to get my quiet room. Something the doctor prescribed to me nearly a year and a half ago. Peace and Quiet. Relaxation. My room will be just off my bedroom with french doors, white tile from floor to waist height and windows all the way around. I want lots of plants and a comfey hammock chair where I can kick my feet up and read a good book. Where I can let the cares of the world just melt away and the stress of the day can wait at the door. I'm telling you, I just can't wait!

Baby Time

At work, there is this darling gal that I work with. She is 8 months pregnant and getting ready. We are having a baby shower for her coming up soon and I can not decide what to get her. She works at a Kitchen Needs store and she loves to cook so I can't imagine getting her anything for the babys food, I am pretty well sure she has that covered! But I want something different, I want to find unique baby gifts, something you don't see everyday. Those were my favorite baby shower gifts. I remember getting a formula holder. You could measure out the exact amount of formula for a single bottle into each of three divided sections. It made it so easy as I was always on the go. I loved the baby diaper cakes when they first came out, but they are getting a bit overdone now for my taste. But the "baby fridge" I got was another of my favorites, it was a small, insulated cooler to keep baby bottles warm while not at home. But my all time favorite gifts were the embroidered blankets with my baby's name. Those are keepsakes right there. So, that just might answer my question right there.

Company Shirts

I loved the company shirts that we had when I worked at the R.V. dealership. They let us choose the style of shirt we liked and then they had their company name and logo embroidered on it. We had to pay for the shirts but the company paid for 30% because they were company logo shirts. It identified us as employees and yet allowed us to have our own style. I wish the new company I worked for did the same thing. Right now, we all wear anything we like and then have to wear aprons. It is after all a Kitchen store and there is plenty of ways to get completely filthy! But I just think it would be great to have aprons with the company name and logo embroidered on them or even better, personal company shirts.

Car Problems

I know of way too many people having car trouble lately. My friend T just took her car in to have it fixed. She had broken the strut bar clean through. But the worst part was, she was still driving it around! Thank goodness she got it fixed finally!

Then the fuel pump and steering rack went out in my babysitter's boyfriends car and I had to advance her $150 to get her Jeep licensed and registered.

Luckily for me, mine are running fine for the time being. Knock on wood! I don't know that I could handle car problems right now. I already have computer and job issues!