Thursday, September 04, 2008

Relaxing Times A'Coming!

I am so excited with this new job! Not only do I enjoy it, but it should finally give us enough money to build my quiet room off my bedroom, fix the deck and add the shed and garage that we have been talking about! The lady told me she would pay me $15 per hour, which is great! That is just what I need. It certainly makes adding an extra 24 hours of work to my already busy week, very, very worth it. Hopefully I can be as good for them, as they are for me!

Most of all, I am just excited to get my quiet room. Something the doctor prescribed to me nearly a year and a half ago. Peace and Quiet. Relaxation. My room will be just off my bedroom with french doors, white tile from floor to waist height and windows all the way around. I want lots of plants and a comfey hammock chair where I can kick my feet up and read a good book. Where I can let the cares of the world just melt away and the stress of the day can wait at the door. I'm telling you, I just can't wait!

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