Friday, October 15, 2010

MP3 Players in the Kitchen?

My darling daughter just received an ipod touch for her birthday. I have never really been interested in one myself until I started playing with hers. I guess I just never realized what they could do. I always thought that MP3 players played music. Silly me! This one does so much more! Along with the super ability to play music, this one also offers great games like Angry Birds, which I am losing as we speak (darned birds!), and it offers books on demand! I can zip in, sign onto and buy any book I can find, including cookbooks! Playing with it last night, I downloaded a recipe book that contained the perfect recipe for carrot butter, something that I have been looking for for ages! But instead of paying $30 for the book, I downloaded it for $5.99. I am thinking that Momma needs one of these amazing little gizmo's!

For my new car - A Garage!

Has anyone seen these prefab garages that are being offered lately? Some are basically PVC pipe with a tarp for a canopy and others are all out, full metal building. I am wondering what people have to say about these. Unfortunately, even though my budget prefers the PVC version, my canyons winds dictate the need for the full metal type. They do seem sturdy and claim to be resistant to the elements. Who knows, maybe I will like it so much that I will decide to buy 5 more, one for each of my children to sleep in... haha.... dreams!

Purchasing a new car, what a headache!

I am in the process of purchasing a new, well actually a used car, but it's new to me. I have looked and looked and finally found the car I want. Now we are in the process of getting me the financing. Let me just tell you right now, I would hate to have a finance job, what a headache those poor people have to go through, just to get me a loan. Wow! But the good news is, I know what I qualify for and now just have to find the specific car I want, in amount I can afford. No problem!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Junior High... Really???

I have a son that started Junior High this year and all I have to say is.... REALLY?!? I did not sign up for this? What is it about Junior High that turns otherwise wonderful and sweet children into raving lunatics? I swear they force the little girls to watch Madonna and Lady Gaga all day and practice dressing and primping like them and just for an even better effect, they pump the little boys full of testosterone boosters just in case they might somehow miss the girls!

I highly doubt that the changes that I am seeing in my little boy, the ones that happen overnight, are really just "natural phases of growing up". This is unreal. He is suddenly a totally different creature. I don't even think he's human anymore! Help!

Kids Can Cruise!

I have always thought that if I wanted to take my kids on a cruise, we would have to do Disney Cruise Lines since they cater specifically to kids (and kids at heart). But I just found out that Mickey and Friends are not the only characters on the high seas! Royal Caribbean has recently announced the arrival of their own "special guests" aboard some of their ships. The Dreamworks cast, including Shrek and friends, the zany castaways from Madagascar and even a possible dragon trainer have stowed away among the many wonderful adventures that await kids of all ages aboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships! And for a limited time, Royal Caribbean is offering an amazing KIDS SALE FREE!