Friday, October 15, 2010

MP3 Players in the Kitchen?

My darling daughter just received an ipod touch for her birthday. I have never really been interested in one myself until I started playing with hers. I guess I just never realized what they could do. I always thought that MP3 players played music. Silly me! This one does so much more! Along with the super ability to play music, this one also offers great games like Angry Birds, which I am losing as we speak (darned birds!), and it offers books on demand! I can zip in, sign onto and buy any book I can find, including cookbooks! Playing with it last night, I downloaded a recipe book that contained the perfect recipe for carrot butter, something that I have been looking for for ages! But instead of paying $30 for the book, I downloaded it for $5.99. I am thinking that Momma needs one of these amazing little gizmo's!

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