Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kitchen Gadgets Galore

Yogurt Maker: Didn't know you needed one, now you do! You can save a bundle of money making your own yogurt. And starting at $21 at, you can save even more!

Scooba: Tired of wasting time mopping the kitchen floor? Save time and let Scooba do the work for you. Only $239 at, I doubt you'll find a better Sale anywhere!

Rival Icecream Maker: At $21.95, summer's coming fast, with prices like this, don't pass up your opportunity to have fresh, homemade icecream anytime you want it!

Grill it: Along with your icecream maker, make your BBQ complete with a contemporary Weber Q 300 outdoor grill at $339.99 or make it an indoor festival with the Geroge Foreman Grill at $20.69. But however you serve it up, it's always better cooked fresh on the grill! has a huge selection of small kitchen appliances and kitchen gadgets at amazing prices, most of the time, beating out Walmart, Kmart and Target to name a few! Check them out for yourself and start "Saving in the Kitchen".

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