Sunday, May 10, 2009

Natural Acne Treatment

I've always heard that a simple egg white mask can do wonders for your face, skin and complexion however, I had never heard that it could work as an acne treatment until just recently when I went in search of natural alternatives to beauty products. Simply wash and dry your face. Separate one egg white from the yolk (save the yolk and add it to 1/2 avocado, 1 tsp olive oil and beat in a blender. Then add 1 tbls. sugar and massage into your scalp. Pin up your hair and allow it to rest while your egg white face mask dries. Wash it off in the shower with Shampoo and Conditioner when you are ready to wash off your face mask.) Add 2 tsp honey and mix. Apply to your face and allow to dry. Wash off with warm water.

This will provide a wonderful "toning feel" which will last only a few hours, but it will clear your skin of bacteria that cause acne as well as make your skin soft and smooth. This has to be the top acne treatment of the homemade remedies.

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jamie143 said...

I've tried egg mask but it didn't treat my acne, just clearing my skin like what you've posted but it's really a nice feeling after you've done this.