Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vitamin E, the vitamin of 1000 uses...

I had my first MRI yesterday. My sadistic doctor decided that physical therapy was no longer causing me enough pain so he would have a couple of nurses immobilize it with a plastic cuff stuffed full of strangely shaped pillows and then require me to hold still for 30 minutes while my youngest children sat out in the waiting room driving the reception staff out of their minds. All I can say is, it was interesting. But the thing I found to be the funniest was the way they "marked" where the injury was. They taped a Vitamin E capsule to my ankle.

Now there's a new use for Vitamin E that I had never thought of! It's been used in lotion, to combat stretch marks, as a dietary supplement and even in acne scar creams. But now here is yet another brilliant use for the oily little substance!

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