Saturday, July 09, 2011

Legoland: Family Fun

On our vacation, we included Legoland as one of our stops. There were many reasons for this, the first being that my two boys had never, ever been there! My Lego freak boys, had never set foot inside Legoland. The second, they just revealed their Star Wars miniature land. You guessed it! My Lego Freak/Star Wars Junkie boys were in heaven! I am not exaggerating when I say that between the two of them, they took over 1000 pictures!

Then, on top of the pre-made Lego kingdoms, they found rides too. We rode a spinning, twirling ride, made completely out of Legos. And then there was the workshops. We found an area dedicated to making and racing Lego cars. This was the Lego version of a Pinewood Derby, complete with slick surface raceways, release gates and lights. The boys each built a car or two and raced them against other kids there. Now if you think it was like pulling teeth to get them to leave, your wrong. It was much, much more difficult! They really had a good time and I had a ball watching them.

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