Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shopping While You Travel

Most people consider shopping while they travel to be an inevetiable part of the vacation process, something that they are going to have to do and something that will cost them an awful lot of money. Others however, consider it an intergural part of their vacation. These are the people who know how to find the best deals, not just souviners, but treasures!

I was introduced to this kind of vacation shopping while on my last cruise. While in port, I found that I am suddenly in a forgien country, a country wih different regulations non manufacturing and production, a country with very inespensive treasures. Now I am not talking blood diamonds, I do my research and I am aware of who to bargain with and who to walk away from. But I am talking Tanzanite, one of the worlds most beautiful and rarest gems, designer watches at half the price and purses, jackets, dresses & shoes galore! Not to mention some of the typical authentic country fare that everyone loves when you bring back.

The key it to find high quality at a great price, bring it back and sell it. You can buy cut Tanzanite at a tenth of retail price in some countries and sell it here for a gorgeous profit. The same goes for purses, watches etc. Learn it, know it, pay for your next adventure! :) Happy Travels!

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