Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Want A Dyson!

I have gone through SO many vacuums in the last 10 years that I wonder how there could have ever been any dirt on my floor, but I know there was/is/always will be tons of dirt. So I vacuum and I vacuum and I vacuum again. I keep noticing that my vacuum loses suction within a couple of days of replacing the filter and it just never seems to work properly for more than a few days. So I have been checking out vacuum cleaners and I really, really like the Dyson. There are no filters to change and so no loss of suction. They carry a competitive warranty and I have a friend that has tried one and really enjoys hers. She swears she will never go back. I just wonder though, without a filter, what is it kicking up into the air from my carpet? Hummm..... the decisions, the questions.... maybe I'll just tile the whole house!

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