Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Neighbor is Leaving!

I am so sad! My wonderful neighbors are leaving! Their parents found out that in order to avoid a HUGE tax payment, they had to get rid of their second house, the one next door to me. So they started getting ready to sell it. Before they had even gotten it ready and listed, their sister found a family that was looking for property in our area and before we knew it, it was sold! They have to be out by the 31st of July. I will really miss them! They have two darling little boys that my kids LOVE to play with and the cutest little girl that happens to be Baby's best friend. I love talking to her and I will really miss sitting and chatting while our kids play. But I am floored at the fact that her house sold for what it did and as quickly as it did! It sold for nearly $80K more than I bought my house for 6 years ago and they are identical houses! Yikes! But then the Wilmington real estate, or all real estate for that matter is really going crazy. But it really does make me consider selling my house, at an $80K profit, who wouldn't!?! I just can't imagine our little cul-de-sac without my wonderful neighbors.

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