Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prenatal Vitamins

I took Prenatal Vitamins religiously throughout all of my pregnancies but I never really noticed the effects, probably because my body was so constantly and drastically changing anyway, little things like healthy hair and strong nails slipped my notice.

However, a friend a work is now pregnant with a baby girl and she is religiously taking her prenatal vitamins and I am floored by how quickly her hair is growing! Her hair was all of two inches long in the back in January and now it's nearly down to her shoulders! I can't believe it!

I wonder if I could get away with taking Prenatal Vitamins while I'm not pregnant? I'll bet there are all sorts of reasons why I shouldn't, but there are also lots of really good reasons for me not to eat Chocolate and I have yet to take heed on that matter!

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