Monday, April 26, 2010

I found Smoothie King... Yum!

I'm addicted! I have to admit, it's hard for me to find something that I can eat over and over again without getting sick of it. I seldom get full because I get tired of eating, bored with the flavor long before I am actually full. However, a few months ago I found Smoothie King. They are on my way to work and I LOVE THEM!

I'm not the super health freak type of person. I normally buy anything other than low fat, low sugar varieties. No adipex diet pills for me. But this is something new and of course, they have their "indulgences" which I normally take advantage of. I have found that after having a smoothie for breakfast, I feel better, am more awake and have more energy throughout the day! I am seeing this becoming my newest addiction!

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jenn said...

Smoothies are the bomb.. great to know I am not alone.