Monday, April 26, 2010


My youngest son has never been the "sit still" kind of child. He is very active and full of life. So lately I have been looking for new hair loss prevention ideas.

We are currently trying meditation. My husband and I are trying it ourselves first to find out if it is better for us in the early morning or late evening. Then we will try it on my son to see if we can help him with his focus.

Has anyone else ever tried anything like this before? Do you have any suggestions for helping a young child learn meditation? I will take any information I can get.

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Jim Bauer said...

I say, allow life to slow down on its own through natural processes. An active and full life is not something to quell, but rather something to embrace. People like your son grow up to be great minds, great leaders, inventors, and highly productive and successful people. They are driven, and the drive is what keeps them going. One can meditate all they want when they are old and gray.