Friday, August 06, 2010

I Really Dislike Wal-Mart!

I am SO mad at Wal-Mart, but then again, what else is new. I hate that store!!! In my opinion, we can not get the new pharmacy in our town soon enough! When Big C went in for his physical, they gave him another prescription for his inhalers that he uses for “exercise induced asthma”. So I took the prescription to Wal-Mart to fill it.

After an hour and a half! They finally got it filled. I got out my credit card and was ready to pay when she told me the total was $30! For Albeutrol! I had to do a double take. Then I asked her if she got the insurance on that. She look ed and verified that they had indeed, processed the insurance first and the $30 was my portion. I was amazed, but figured that he should have enough to get him through the football season, so I paid the $30 and headed home.

But then came the biggest surprise of all! There was only one inhaler in the bag. ONE! I had just paid $30 for one inhaler and upon further inspection of the receipt, I had paid full price! Now, Big C has double coverage. His Dad carries him on his Blue Cross Blue Shield NC and I have him on our Altius, but not only did they not run both, they hadn't even run one of the insurances! The lady at the counter lied to me! I really, really dislike those people!!!


Anonymous said...

That is because people don't know
how to do their job right and they
just don't care to learn.

Maloverde said...

Same thing with CVS, we switched to the local Target and our prescriptions went down over $100 a month.