Sunday, August 29, 2010

Making Beautiful Food

When I first began cooking I remember thinking that I was an awful cook because while the food I prepared always tasted wonderful, it never looked like the amazing, mouth watering dishes that I would see in magazines and cookbooks. My rather, tended to look washed out, lumpy or just plain blah.

I wondered if there was something I could do to make my food look more appealing. So I started looking into food presentation. I learned alot about food advertising, beginning with it's all about the kitchen lighting. If the lighting is not perfect, the food won't look perfect. I also learned that they use things like mashed potatoes, scooped to look like ice-cream, because they do not melt under the intense photography lighting. Also that they spray foods with oil to intensify the colors and make it shine. They use glue and nails and such to make sure that everything stays right in place.

After learning all of that, I realized that I am a great cook! My food tastes good, and that's what it is all about!

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Bouncin' Barb said...

That's exactly right. As long as it tastes good. My late husband was an executive chef with specialty in French cooking. Of course everything has to look perfect when you're in that environment. I was so intimidated by him (and for no reason really) that I hated to cook for him. So he cooked at home as well. Now that he's gone and I am cooking again, I so enjoy it and I don't care one bit how it looks on the plate. If it tastes great I pat myself on the shoulder.