Friday, April 11, 2008

New York Dining At It's Best!

We spent a lot of time trying to find places to eat in New Jersey and New York while we were there. Here is one of the place’s we went that I would HIGHLY recommend.

Just a word of warning to anyone wishing to travel with the assistance of a GPS navigation device, while they are amazing, and I personally can not live with out mine, BRING A MAP to New York! We had so much trouble with our GPS losing the satellite signal when we got into downtown and among all the really tall buildings.

Warning aside, we spent an awful lot of time trying to find a good seafood restaurant in an area of town that looked safe for us to park and get out. (The first three choices did not meet this requirement). Finally we tried for City Crab and headed in the direction of Downtown. Once we finally found it we were on a one way, one lane street with cars parked along both sides and hardly enough room for cars to drive down the middle. While stopped at the light, Ladybug and I jumped out and sent the others to park the car and meet us in the restaurant. (My feet were beyond tired from walking all day in heels) So we got up to City Crab and read the menu which was posted in the window. $70 A PLATE! We began rethinking our decision.

But in the mean time, Ladybug had to potty. So we wandered down a little further and found a cute little bar and grill about 3 doors down called Maxie's. We went in and they allowed her to use the restroom. While I waited for her I perused the menu and found it to be both upscale and reasonably priced. I was impressed. So by the time the others had parked the cars and met back up with us, I had made the decision to adjourn to Maxie's Bar and Grill and save ourselves $50 plus, per plate. This decision made D Dad very happy as he was the one in charge of paying for the food. :)

Once seated in Maxie's I looked around and realized that it was very upscale. Men in dress coats at the bar and couple's in business dress at the tables. Luckily, we were not the only family, nor the only ones not in business dress. The entire atmosphere, however was just surprisingly upscale. The waiter, an aspiring actor and very, very good looking I might add, was dressed in all black, adding to the good looks immensely! I wish I had gotten his autograph, with his good looks, he will go far!

The menu was simple and direct with very, very reasonable prices considering we were on Park St. in Downtown New York City. D Dad and I ordered the salmon and Lee ordered a New York Steak. Butterfly got a chicken salad and Ladybug had the chicken tenders. Big C got an appetizer of chili that ended up being more than even HE could eat! And to begin our meal we ordered the Nacho Fries Grande.

The Nacho Fries Grande was absolutely amazing! This wonderful appetizer was a huge pile of waffle fries smothered in ground beef, nacho cheese, onions and tomatoes and served with a side of guacamole and sour cream. It was an absolutely, wonderfully filling, satisfying, yummy, gooey mess! Well worth every penny and then some! We were thinking that we should have just gotten a couple of those and made it a meal. Nacho Fries Grande: 6 Big Messy Smiles

Then came our meals. My husbands steak was just your run of the mill steak. Mine and D Dad’s Salmon however was wonderful! Cooked medium and served over a butter dill sauce and steamed veggies, it was a wonderful meal, full of flavor. Butterfly’s salad was extra yummy with chunks of mozzarella cheese mixed in with their house dressing and grilled chicken strips arranged on top. Big C’s meal included a huge serving of chili and ½” thick potato chips which he just loved. Ladybug’s meal was your everyday, average chicken strips, breaded and served with dipping sauces. Over all the main courses get 4 out of 6 Big Smiles and 2 Happy Faces with no Frowns.

Now on to the desserts! All I can say is WOW! What a way to finish of an amazing meal! I had the Black & White Cheesecake, drizzled with raspberry glaze I was forcing myself to finish it, just so I didn’t have to let any of it go. It was fantastic! The kids split an order of Fried Cookie Dough. Yes, that is exactly what I meant. It was three scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough fried and served drizzled with chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to tone it down. It is even richer than you are imagining! The kids could not finish it. Lee got a S’more milkshake which was in interesting combination of chocolate, vanilla, graham crackers and marshmallows. With whipped cream and toasted mini marshmallows on the top, it made a lovely presentation and a smooth finish to his meal. D Dad just had to try the Fried Banana Split. Again, yes, I said Fried Banana Split. We were in a new place! We had to try the local flavor. And it was great! Although, I could much better imagine the banana’s served with butter for breakfast. They reminded me a bit of banana muffins. But they were really good and added a very different twist to a banana split. After forcing ourselves to walk away from the last crumbs of our dessert, for the sake of our buttons, which were already straining, we rolled ourselves out the door and headed for the car. Very full and very happy. Dessert: 6 Big Smiles

One other thing I might add, they served bottled soda drinks by Steven’s. The kids and I got Orange Creamsicle and Lee got Rootbeer. Very, very good. New to us, but probably not to most. I definitely recommend the Orange Creamsicle!

Total Bill for 6 people, including appetizer, meals, drinks, desserts and tip: $140

I would HIGHLY recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Downtown New York or the surrounding areas. This would make a great place for a business meeting or a quiet family dinner. However, be prepared, it is more of a business atmosphere. Sophisticated and upscale. Yet the service is friendly and the food is wonderful. Don’t miss out just because you are traveling with a family, they accommodated us very well. Well worth the trip!

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