Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Working Off Those Wonderful Resturants

As much as I love to eat, I also find myself needing to work off some of those wonderful calories that I find. I am not by any means "the norm" when it comes to an exercise routine. I like the playful, fun and exciting exercises. I love jumping on trampoline, riding my bike, hiking and swimming. If I were to take a walk I would burn more brain cells being bored than I would calories. I just like the fun. So I decided to list my preferences for burning calories:

Jumping on the trampoline with the kids: 8 calories per minute
Riding my bicycle around the neighborhood: 7 calories per minute
Hiking to Malan's Peak: 4 calories per minute
Talking on the phone: 8 calories per 10 minutes
(Pacing around my house while talking on the phone: 31 calories per 10 minutes)
Weeding and Planting my Garden: 3.3 calories per minute
Playing with my kids: 3 calories per minute
Reading my favorite book: 8 calories per minute
Writing on my blog: 8 calories per 10 minutes

So to burn off the calories from that wonderful cheesecake cake I had for dessert last night we are talking 425 calories. So I would need 130 minutes of pacing and talking on the phone. Hey T! Give me a call will ya? I can always talk to T for 2 hours and not even notice it! What a way to balance my weight! What's your favorite way to burn calories?

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