Sunday, March 02, 2008

Chocolate, the Devil in Disguise???

I am a huge chocolate fan, some kindly refer to me as a chocoholic which I could never deny, however, I began to worry about the effects that the chocolate I eat daily, and in amounts that would make an elephant ill, could be having on my body. The first and most noticeable signs are the slightly bulging tummy and the ever increasing need for a good acne treatment. However, what other effects could it be having on me?

Well, I decided to try an experiment, one I don't expect to work too well as I am constantly surrounded by chocolate and I have the self control of a hungry wolf, but still, I am going to try it. I am going to attempt a chocolate fast. For three days I will attempt to restrain from consuming any chocolate at all. (Those of you who know me are already shaking your heads. You of little faith! I may show you all!)

My reasoning for this is that lately I just generally feel crappy all the time. I am tired and achy and one of the things that has changed most drastically in my recent life is my chocolate intake. So, in an attempt to narrow down what could be making me feel so yucky all the time, I am going to attack first, my diet. I will update with my progress as I crash and burn!

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