Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

I have been very surprised this year to find how many companies are capitalizing on this "once every four years" day. I don't recall it being this widely recognized in years past, but then maybe I was just not noticing it as much. But now, every where I turn there are Leap Day sales, imprinted promotional products celebrating the day and so much more!

But the one thing I was really surprised by was McDonald's Free McSkillet Burrito with the purchase of a drink to celebrate Leap Day and let me tell you, a celebration it was! I got my children up early, telling them I had a surprise for them. We got dressed and ready for school and into the car, then we drove to McDonald's. Let me tell you, they were excited! I bought them each an orange juice, hash browns and they got their free McSkillet Burrito. It was such a fun family morning.

However, on the food side of things, the McSkillet Burritos are very spicy and the kids did not much enjoy them but if you ask for the sauce on the side, you should be fine. And I was really surprised by all the yummy things they put in these burritos! They were great and made a great morning, on the go, meal!

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