Sunday, February 03, 2008

I am so tired of the snow!

Every day, the snow continues to falls. The snow drifts pile higher and higher outside the windows of my house. Every morning, more and more snowflakes fall from heaven, blanketing our world in snow. Every yard, every rooftop, every tree, everything sparkling like crystal and completely white. This should be a beautiful time, a time for me to take a walk and enjoy the beauty that God has sent down for my viewing pleasure and a time to thank God for the moisture he is providing our thirsty ground.

However, as I look out the window I feel cold and dreary. This is a common place occurrence for me about this time of year. I am tired of being cold, I miss the sounds of birds chirping in the mornings and the feel of the sun warming my body. It has snowed so often this last week that the plows have run out of places to put the snow. The drifts are high and make great play places for the kids. I however, can not wait for them to melt. Perhaps I will take a drive and escape to the beauty of the mountains, one of the places I most love to see the snow. Up there it is so beautiful and so helpful. That is a great idea. I think I will leave right now.

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