Monday, February 11, 2008

Taking A New Direction

I finally got my Daffodils And Dragonflies up and running I am going to take this blog in a new direction.

I love food, I love everything about food, I just don't like taking much time to cook food, but I still love it. I also love to travel. I like to fly, drive, camp hotel, resort, you name it, I enjoy it. I am dedicating this blog to food and travel. Quick to make, quick to eat, quick to get food, family travel romantic travel, fun travel and adventurous travel. And best of all, food while you travel! I will look at great restaurants both in my area and places that I travel. I will feature wonderful food blogs and quick and easy recipes complete with pictures (i hope. You all know how great I am about getting pictures up!).

Look forward to a fabulous new resource for wonderful meals, time saving tips and money saving ideas all focused on Food, glorious food and the wide world of travel!

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