Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A Great Idea for Getting Rid of old Motorhomes!

In my last post I was complaining about having too many junk vehicle hanging around. One of which was an old motorhome that I would not use anymore. The gas mileage is horrid and the interior was done in the '70 (enough said?). But it was in decent condition and everything worked. I have been trying to sell it for months now, but with the economy he way it is, RV's are a luxury most people are forgoing.

So I received a phone call the other day about the motorhome. There was a family, husband, wife and their child that were headed to SLC for "medical travel" is what he called it, and they needed a place to stay. He had decided that the $2000 I was asking for the motorhome and lot rent for the time they were here, would be less expensive than a hotel or an apartment. But he asked that I meet him in SLC so he could look at the motorhome.

After meeting with him I found out that he and his wife were taking their son to the Cancer institute up there and needed a place to stay while they were here. Well, it made sense, but it didn't feel right to me. I just couldn't sell them my motorhome, although the wife seems really excited about it.

After we had agreed on the price ($1800) and we were headed to the bank to get a notorized copy of the bill of sale, I couldn't get the picture of the little guy out of my head and the thought of what his parents were giving up, being here with him for 6 months, off work, in a strange city. We got to the bank and I had them print me out a new bill of sale, this one said $1. I signed it, and handed it to him. He looked at it puzzled and finally looked at me and tried to talk me out of it. I simply explained that it was a benefit to me to get it out of my driveway, and when he was done with it he could recoup the money he spent on it and sell it to someone else that needed it for $1 and it would be well worth it to me.

His wife began to cry and tell me about how her parents and his parents had taken over their mortgage to help them while they were here and all about the stress that their little boys illness has cause and how much this would help them out.

Afterwards, I felt really good and I have two new friends. Just a side note, my bank was really great, they actually took care of all the IRS paper work for me once I had told them what I intended to do and they worked it out so it ended up being a tax deduction for me as well! So if you have a motorhome or trailer that you can't sell and you have the ability to give it up, consider giving it to someone in need. It's just a really good feeling!

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