Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I'm tired of owning a Junkyard!

If you were to drive by my house right now, you may have to drive by again just to make sure you are at a house and not a wrecking yard! I currently have 3 trucks, a flatbed trailer frame, MY minivan on jacks, in the process of getting a new axle knuckle, two campers, a trailer and a motorhome!

Now in my Husbands defense, I love one of the campers, MY van and the three trucks. On the other hand, one camper HAS GOT TO GO! The flatbed trailer frame either needs to be a flatbed trailer or scrapmetal. The trailer needs to be adapted to fit on the truck or sold and I need a good motorhome towing to finish the clean up! It's not even worth keeping around!

I understand that my sweetheart loves to play around and tinker with cars, but this is just plain getting to be too much. It's clean-up time!

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Anonymous said...

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