Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I Can't Believe This Law!!!

I am amazed! Nearly speechless!!! (Notice I said nearly...) On the news was a story about a car dealership, here in Utah, that collects rain water from their roof, funnels it into an underground cistern where they clean it and use it to wash the cars on their lot.

Now your thinking, "what's so unbelieviable about that?" You even thinking that that is a pretty good idea, use of funds, green initive, eco-friendly idea, right? EXACTALY! I was thinkning the same thing! Now for the unbelievable part....

He was on the news because the city had fined him for doing it! That's right! Obviously, here in Utah, where it's a desert, we don't have alot of water so we have to conserve it. And of course, we are all to stupid to do that ourselves, so our wonderful government has ridden in on its big black stallion to save us from ourselves and they have taken posession of all the water. Yep, that's really what I said... in the state of Utah, the government owns all the water, even the rain water!

So, since they own the water, they can tell us what to do with it. No, you cannot collect rain water to water your plants. Yes, rain barrelsare outlawed. And No, you absolutely MAY NOT use rain water to wash your cars! So next time it rains, everyone remember to quickly hide your vehicle, just in case the governments rain water hits it. You wouldn't want a ticket now, would you?!?

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