Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

T-48 hours and Father's day will be upon us. If you are anything like me, you already have an amazing father's day gift picked out,. wrapped with a beautiful bow and hidden somewhere where he'll never look. Haha! Yea right, because I am the perfect wife and mother, my house is spotless, my make-up always perfect and I never forget anything! And I am on a TV show called bolognaville! Life is WAY too crazy to keep up. Gifts, even for the most amazing Men in our lives, tends to take a back seat to Soccer & Dance practice, PTA Meetings and dinner. Holidays sneak up on you and you are left wondering, "what do I get my sweetheart?!?"

Well Ladies, if we were Men we could just get them chocolate, flowers or wine. But for us, it's just not that easy.... or is it? You would be surprised at some of the amazing and beautiful custom flowers  that can be done for the Men in your life. I have seen fishing themed, archery themed and even beer themed floral arrangement that will make him smile. A fishing arrangement could include some of his favorite brand of lures, the archery one had the arrows he'd been wishing for and what guy wouldn't love a flower arrangement built around 6 bottles of Bud Light (or Mtn. Dew in my husband's case!)?!? Believe it or not, flower arrangements are not just for us anymore ladies! Not when you can customize them anyway they'd like!

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