Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pianos in the park...

Pianos in the park, on the sidewalk, beside the fountain.... Wait... what?!? Yep, you heard me right. An article on KSL today said that a British artist has beautifully and eclectically hand-painted pianos and placed them strategically around the city of Salt Lake City, Utah. Now who would want to sit around and listen to a complete stranger play a piano while enjoying their Ben & Jerry's ice cream at the Gateway? Who even cares about music without a Numark mixer to mix it all up, right?!? Well, you would think, right? Well, I guess not. There are still people that appreciate the fine art of piano music and beautiful hand painting, because these pianos are drawing quite a crowd. And anyone can just wander by, take a seat and practice their hand at tickling the ivories. The British chap came up with the idea while sitting at a laundromat. He wondered what people would do if they had a piano, right there while they did their laundry. What an amazing visionary! While I'm doing my laundry, i am wondering what in the world possessed me to come to the Laundromat!

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