Monday, January 07, 2008

The Art Of Aging

Aging is truly an art. It takes grace, courage and humor. Some manage it very well, others not so much. My Grandmother Roddom has aged very well. She is still beautiful, kid and caring, graceful, funny, talented and witty. Lee's Grandmother Felter has also handled aging very well. At 90 she is a beautiful lady with a sharp memory and sparkling eyes. Unfortunately, the other day she took a nasty fall that resulted in a broken hip. It required surgery to repair causing her to need the services of a rehabilitation facility. Fortunately for us, we have needed this type of service in the past and knew just where to send her.

But it got me thinking, what if we didn't know. Where would we go to get information? Who would we talk to? Word of mouth only works if you know someone that has been in the same situation. So who do you ask? What about when you find yourself in a health care crisis? Then what? There is just so much involved in finding good, safe nursing homes. You don't want to trust yourself or your loved one's health to just anyone. And having worked as a CNA in many nursing homes, I have seen good and I have seen horrible. So I have a great respect for not only good nursing homes, but people that put the effort into making sure that they find a good one.

Like I said, Aging is an Art and every stage of it should be so, even if you end up needing the support of a nursing home.

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