Thursday, January 24, 2008

Grammer and The Spoken Word

How many time do you read a sign, hear an ad or read an article in which the author, composer or director just simply did not understand the regular flow of the English language. For example, I read a sign the other day that said: Get Deductions, Donate Boat. It just doesn't flow. That is because fundamental parts that make up a sentence are left out.

Or there was: Get your movers New York City. Again, another announcement that draws attention, not to the fact that if you live in New York city, there is a great moving company to help you, rather it draws attention by the lack of fluent speech.

A Convenience Store Sign in a downtown metro area, populated heavily by Latino's, read Milk Buy For $2 Only. A mistake caused by a language barrier however, all more common as literacy within inner cities declines.

Is there anything we can do to stop the decline in literacy and the rise of laziness that causes our speech to slowly return to the slurred grunts and moans of the caveman? Or is it just inevitable, something that we all need to just accept and live with? Next time you see a friend, instead of grunting and waving a lazy hello, try shouting out Hello Dear Friend! See if you still have it in you!

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