Friday, January 04, 2008

I Love Remodling!

I have an older house and so there is lots of room for improvement. When I say older, I am talking for my specific area in which a home built in 1975 is considered an older home. I know, pretty cheesy, but needless to say, there is room for improvement.

When we moved in we painted the kids bedrooms with flowers and a sunshine in the girls room and a fantastic tree in the boys room. We painted our room in an ivory color but did nothing more to it. That was really all we did prior to moving in.

Since then I have not done much either. I have reupholstered my dining set out of necessity and repainted my bathroom in a gorgeous royal blue. (The first room I have ever had without white walls!) Then I had the opportunity of searching for just the right bathroom vanity to match. You would not think that finding the perfect bathroom vanity would be a difficult task, but it took me forever! Luckily, I finally found just the right one and I have been so pleased with my bathroom ever since.

Now on to my newest project. Since almost nothing was done to my bedroom I have decided that it is the subject of my next big project. I took my Christmas money and purchased everything needed to add a shelf 9" from the ceiling that I can use to decorate and then to make the shelf look nice, I am adding corner moulding around the bottom to give it a finished look. It will give me a nice shelf to put up some fake Ivy and some Candles and possibly even, some of my smaller dolls. Lee is also going to finish the window which has never had a casing or a window sill. It will be great when it's done I can hardly wait!

Then in February I plan on redoing the kids rooms with more place to store stuff and new beds, built by Lee and I. I am ready to repaint the girls room. I am thinking dark pink with silver stars. As for the boys room, I am focusing on a theme that involves the tree. I am just not ready to paint over it yet. It still wows me when I see it.

Now, I just need to find the helpers!

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