Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paella; A Spanish Treat

In high school I had a forigen exchange student in my class whom I became very good friends with. She was from Spain and she taught me so many wonderful things that she brought from her culture. But one of my favorites was the Paella that she made. I remember how the rice would be carmelize and the flavor was just wonderful! It was the first time I had heard of saffaron, let alone tried it.

Every now and then I will find myself craving the wonderful flavor and texture of Paella. I have tried making it myself a few times but with out the proper paella pan, and most likely the Spanish up bringing, it just never seems to come out the same. I can remember the aromatic, comforting flavor of hers and mine just never hits it quite on. And without the proper pan, I just can't get enough of the rice touching the pan so it just isn't the same. But for those of you who are better cooks than I, and those that have the proper cookware, or those of you that are just feeling like making something different, here is the recipe she gave me.

"Fill the bottom of the pan with olive oil. Heat until it pops. Add chunks of rabbit meat and cook until browned. Slice a red and green pepper and and chop a tomato and an onion. Remove the meat and add the veggies to the oil. Stir and don't let them burn. Add mashed garlic and salt and replace the meat. Pour two bowls of rice in to the pan and cover with 5 bowls of meat broth. Add saffaron strings and cover. Cook until all the broth has been absorbed. Serve it warm."

Just some notes on the above, I use chicken as rabbit is rather hard to come by around here and Saffaron strings are rather expensive but well worth it if you want to make this dish. It is what gives it that authentic flavor. Enjoy!

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