Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Resturant Ambiance

What ambiance do you prefer in your restaurant of choice? Do you tend to venture into softly lit, relaxing atmospheres or do you prefer the bright and cheery type with lots of windows and sunshine spilling in? Do you prefer rustic or ultra modern decor?

Me, I have found that while sometimes I enjoy the cheery ambiance of some of the more brightly lit, heavily flowered restaurants where everything is painted white and the windows go from floor to ceiling, sometimes I get the impression that I am eating in the beams of xenon lights, spotlight on me, everyone can see.

I guess I am more of a private person. I prefer the quiet, softly lit types where soft classical music is playing and I can relax and enjoy the company that I am currently keeping. I prefer a modern contemporary feel with linens and silver, glass and roses. But I also enjoy just a touch of antique. Give it just a hint of what once was, just enough to whet your palette for more, but not so much that the entire place seems dusty and worn. I like the heavily polished golden railings and cushy dining chairs and most of all, wait staff in crisp, clean suits.

So, what ambiance are you into?

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