Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Time for Tea

Today, while looking for a corner bakery, I found one of the greatest little gem's, litterally a "Diamond in the Rough". Situated between an abandoned building and a large parking lots in downtown Ogden, sits about 4 quaint little shops, one of which is A Spot of Tea. Opened in February 2009, a bright cheery little shop, offering a wide assortment of fine teas along with tea sandwiches, english scones and dilectable desserts.

The interior of the shop is bright and decorated like a tea party complete with white linins, ladies frilly hats, flowers and tea pots. The atmosphere lends itself to any variety of informal gatherings. It makes me want to throw out my wrinkle cream, put on a funny hat and enjoy the afternoon! I would love to take my 6 year old and a group of her friends in for a special occasion or a dear friend for an afternoon lunch. It's also a wonderfully nice, quiet place to sit and have lunch while catching up on a bit of writing or reading.

The food, while not out of this world, is still special. (Although, I have not had a chance to try their "Friday Special" English Fish and Chips. I promise an update when I do!) Each sandwich is handmade with a special touch and goes finely with their out of this world teas. And their dessert menu is nearly half the menu, excluding the teas and I highly suggest trying the Chocolate Cake. It is as mosit as any cake I have tried!

As for price, I have to give this quaint little shop bonus points for having prices that are affordable, even for struggling families. To give you an idea, their world class teas, served by the pot, are only $2.00. Their Deserts are $1.85 per serving and meals with tea, sandwich, baked apples and a cookie are only $6.50. They also serve "High Tea" and for only $24.50, 6 people get scones, tea and sandwiches. That's just over $4 per person.

So on a chilly winter afternoon, this is a great little place to warm up your hands and your heart and fill your tummy without breaking the bank!

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