Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Term Insurance vs. Cash Value Insurance

I am curious as to what everyone thinks about life insurance. With my step-father just passing away, I am learning more and more about it and I am finding very interesting thing about both types.

First of all, my step-father had Federal Government Employee sponsored life insurance. They suggested that he carry just over 1 years worth of life insurance. What that means is he left just over $54,000 to his widow. Now $10K of that will go directly to the funeral, leaving $44,000.

Now luckily, my mother is an independent and self-made woman. She has a very nice job and lives comfortably on her own, his income was a bonus that allowed them to travel and enjoy their time together. However, had she relied on his income as so many women do, myself included, that would have been a huge blow. She would have barely had enough money to sustain the family through her getting a job.

But, even if the newly widowed woman finds a job, how is she going to make ends meet. Suddenly she is alone, with all the expenses they had prior to her husbands death, but now she has the added stress of child care which can be devastatingly expensive, on average about $160 per week, per child.

So, to me, term insurance looks like the way to go. It's less expensive for the coverage you need now and later, when the kids are gone and the house is paid off, the widow/widower would not need as much money to survive.

What do you think? What do you have and why? I really need ideas and suggestions.

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