Sunday, November 01, 2009

Getting back to school!

Not the kids, ME! I have been a stay at home mom, part time homemaker and the like for the last 13 years and I decided that it was time for me to get back into working and I decided to start by going back to school. I looked at alot of different options and I decided that Business Technology was the best option for me.

But there are so many, many options out there. I had a very hard time choosing. I looked at Culinary Arts classes and Medical Technology classes. I even looked into masters information security classes.

I really liked the last two because there were so many options for online classes. However, my decision was based on the need to get OUT of the house so online study would defeat the purpose for me. However, for most Mom's, it's a great way to get your degree!

Looking just at the Masters of Science in Information Security classes, they offer someone the opportunity to train at home for a job that could eventually be a telecommuting position. You would be working towards one of two goals, the first would be how information security affects businesses and individuals and the second would be focusing on how to make information security stronger and better than ever.

Medical Technology classes can prepare you to do Medical coding from home and have very short completion times. The average Medical coding class is 10 months and the starting pay is $26K per year in my area.

I however chose Business Technology because I am ready to work in an office environment, have my own desk and not deal with sales any longer!

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