Wednesday, November 04, 2009

RV in this Economy? Take II

One thing to think about before you run out and buy that new RV, here are a few things to keep in mind...

You will need to plan for the care of your RV. Every year you will need to register, insure and repair your RV. This can be really expensive but if you do it right you can save yourself alot of money. I can give no advice on saving money on your registration costs with the sole exception of pay it on time and avoid any fines. Your State has that one nailed down.

But as for the rv insurance,make sure you shop around. There are some really great deals out there if you look hard enough.

And the repairs, look to some of the privately owned repair shops. The dealerships handle warranty issues as well as customer issues. So when they charge the manufacture upwards if $300 per hour, charging you a mere $150 per hour seems very reasonable. On the other hand, a struggling rv mechanic in his own garage looks at $60 to $75 per hour and is thrilled! Look around. Make sure your repair technician is licensed and trained, but try to avoid the spendy dealership service centers.

Have fun RV'ing!

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