Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cooking Fun

I never thought I'd say this but I am SO glad that my kids are finally old enough to help me out in the kitchen! For the better part of their lives I have scuttled them out of the kitchen as soon as they set foot through the door. Visions of sugar covered fingers and flour covered floors filled my head. And as they scurried away, little disposable diapers butts disappearing around the corner I would emit a sigh of relief. I was again free to continue my creation in the kitchen.

However, now that we are free of diapers, my children are venturing back into the kitchen, little by little. And to my surprise, I am welcoming them! I find it wonderfully fulfilling to watch my 9 year old make dinner with nearly no help from me at all. And helping my 5 year old make a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and red sprinkles for her big sister, with no particular occasion in mind, makes me shine with pride! My 13 year old is another story! I can leave him alone in the kitchen and find wonderful, inventive and imaginative masterpieces when I return. Simple foods made into delicious meals and presented in such fun! One day he made dinner into a whole pirate scene, complete with ships and water, islands and dessert treasure! He really is amazing.

Like I said, I never thought I would hear the words issuing from my own lips but, I am so glad my kids love to cook with me!

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