Thursday, July 23, 2009

Music in the Kitchen

Is it just me or are their others out there that have to have music playing while they are cooking? My husband commented to me the other day that he finds it strange and distracting to have music playing while he is cooking. (Of course, I commented that it would be rather difficult for him to ruin those Banquet Pot Pies or the Ramen Noodles he makes.) But now I am self conscious. Am I really the only one that has to have Mp3 players or stereo's in the kitchen? My iPod actually docks on my kitchen counter!

I listen to music while I cook. It calms me, keeps me focused and my food turns out much better. I play music while I clean. The cleaning seems to get done much faster when the radio stations are playing the upbeat, dance to them, songs. I just love it.

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