Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Family Reunion

It's summertime again and with summer comes the inevitable Family Reunions. Now, I am a family oriented kinda gal and I love to cook for other people, the problem with so many of these reunions are these are people I don't know, see once a year and don't know what to talk about.

So what ends up happening is my family sits together at one table and we talk amongst ourselves and each individual family does the same. Why do we do this? Because it's comfortable of course! For one thing, you know these people! You have things to talk about. How are your kids? Did Nate see the Doctor yet? Have you taken care of your cat's hernia? You know these people and what is going on in their lives, even if it is dull and unappetizing. And for another thing, you know all of their names! I hate it when someone comes up to me and starts talking like we are long lost buddies and I haven't the slightest clue who they are. Which leads to the third reason we group, there is power in groups. Someone is bound to know the answer! So while you are politely nodding your head, smiling and searching your brain for some glimmer as to who this might be, if your family is worth anything at all, the one who does know who you are talking to will break in and say something like, "Aunt Madeline! It's been, what 25 years since we have seen you! It's good to see you again!" Then they would turn to you and say "Do you remember when you last saw Aunt Madeline, when you were 3! She gave you that beautiful orange and mauve sweater that she hand knitted." This gives you a conversation point and once she walks away you now have a much better conversation with your family about how horrid that sweater was!

And for most family reunions you at least try to look presentable. You put on a pair of jeans without holes in the knees and a nice blouse. You do your hair in something other than the "Kiss my ....... I really just don't care" ponytail and you put on makeup. All so you can go sit in 100 degree weather. Before long your mascara is running and your hair is frizzy. Your blouse is hanging on you and sticking to your back and of course, this is when cousin Caroline whips out her brand new Canon camera and announces that it is picture time.

Of course by this time you realize that you are not alone in the looks department. Uncle Jay decided to wear his shorts which show off his glaring white chicken legs, Aunt Jackie is in a strappy white sundress with beautiful red splotches from the punch little Duncan has spilled on her numerous times and Grandma's eye's are red and blood shot from playing in the sand box with little Maddie who is learning that throwing sand is a no-no.

So into the picture we all go. Smushed up against people you know less than the checker at Albertson's, all sweaty and hot and forced to smile. And of course, when asked if you would like the pictures e-mailed to you...... you promptly provide your e-mail address.

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