Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fixing the Sprinklers

For Mother's Day we went out to my in-laws and worked on their yard for my Mother in Law's mother's day gift. It became my job to drive the lawn tractor around and cut the grass that had not seen a blade in a very long time. To give you an idea, I managed to ram 3 sprinkler heads because the grass was so high I could not see them. They stood nearly 10" above the ground! Needless to say, I totally destroyed them. So today we went out to replace them as well as a valve that froze this winter. It was so easy to replace the sprinkler heads, screw the old ones out, new ones in and you're done! As for the valve, it was just as easy but I could not believe how extensive and complicated it was! It had filters and compression rings and such. Of course, it was also $60 to replace! Ouch! But the good thing is, we got it done, my in-laws can water their lawn again and all is well. :)

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