Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Drug Yourself?

I have never heard of Phentermine, but that is probably because I am not one that struggles to keep weight off, but rather the opposite. But I came across some articles about it as I was searching for something to help me put weight on. Morning smoothies, like Carnation Instant breakfasts and such, but no drugs for me! I would rather keep the drugs out of my system. But that is how I heard about generic Phentermine, it is "probably the most sought after prescription diet pill on the market today. In fact it is so popular that diet pill manufactures have used just about every similar name they could think of to market their pills. The problem is that prescription diet pills tend to not only be expensive but also very hard to get." is what had to say about it. But they missed one key point. It is still a drug! How can putting drugs in your body, just to lose weight, be a good thing. Why not just diet and exercise. That just seems like a much healthier, safer way to me. I have to diet and exercise to keep my weight on and while it's hard, there are no safe "quick cures". You just gotta buckle down and do it! I have watched my sister in law lose a whole lot of weight by being persistent and focused. She eats right and exercises regularly. Not that she was not beautiful before, but I have watched her blossom. She feels good, she looks good and she knows it and she didn't use any harmful drugs to do it. That is a good feeling!

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