Monday, June 16, 2008

Strange Calls

I have had some strange calls the last week or two. Has it been a full moon? On top of the regular questions about how much baggage they can now take, since the regulations just recently changed, I am getting questions like... "My wife wants to take bologna, cheese and pickles in a cooler. Will it be allowed on the airplane?" Ummmm.... why? Then there was the guy that wanted to know if he could take his beach umbrella and tennis racket on board. Why would you not just check it? A funny one was the lady that called in and said, "I would like to talk to someone about flying animals." Just the way that was phrased made me giggle. I have had a guy that booked his condo hotel, something I have never even heard of, online and needed an itemized receipt for the government and he was getting nowhere. It took me just over an hour making calls and tracking numbers to find someone that could fax him one. And then of course there are the weirdo's with no lives. We have the foot guy, the pencil guy and the San Francisco guy that prank call. What a strange week!

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