Friday, June 06, 2008

MY Cat in Crisis

I can not believe how expensive a single kitty can be! My long haired cat, Prince, does not groom himself like he should so he gets really bad mats. I have him shaved in the summertime to keep him cool and remove the mats. Thursday, I took him to the groomer and made him pretty. That was a $40 bill! Then he went out "Tom Catting" and got himself hurt in a fight so I had to take him to the vet. There's another $98! Ouch! $140 in one week! It makes me laugh though, all the different cat supplies and stuff that you can find! They actually gave my kitty ammoxicillin, you know, the pink, bubblegum flavored stuff you give to your kids? Yep! My kitty gets a mouth full of bubblegum flavored ammoxicillin every morning and every evening! I am actually pretty impressed by how well he takes it. I tell ya though, when he and Batman are gone, I am DONE with pets! I have KIDS! Why in the world would I want Pets???

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