Friday, June 06, 2008

It's Time For Me To Go Into Drug Rehab

I have thought long and hard about this and I have decided that it is time for me to go into drug rehab. No, not because I am a drug addict, but because I need a break at an amazing resort, being waited on hand and foot, with maid service and beautiful, private accommodations, fed gourmet meals and relaxing by the pool sipping non-alcoholic mixed drinks and sunning myself the whole day through. And I think the state should pay for it as part of my "treatment plan". Treat me for drugs, alcohol.... HELL! Treat me for KIDS! What every, just let ME escape to one of the wonderful, amazing, way to nice drug rehab resorts! I might not have screwed up my life and everyone around me by doing drugs, but I think the absence of that should earn me the vacation, not the other way around!

You might think I sound callous but come on! No one forced them to start taking drugs, no one forced them to follow the path in life they have chosen! I have met many people who have come from perfectly awful parenting and they turned out to be respectable, upstanding human beings. I have seen people brought up by perfectly wonderful parents turn in to the scum of the earth. So they can not blame their parents, peers or anyone else. It was their own choices that led them to ruin their lives. I just don't feel that they deserve the "royal" treatment now that they have hit rock bottom. Make them climb out, clawing and kicking just like the rest of us do when we are faced with a problem!

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